More Younger Men Suffer from ED

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If you took in all of the commercials put out on TV, radio and the internet with gray haired gentleman walking through backyards with their spouses or zipping around in sports cars, you’d think that erectile dysfunction was only a problem for men of a certain age (Men’s Journal).

But according to a new study, more younger men are currently suffering from ED. 25% of men under 40 years of age are seeking out treatment for erectile dysfunction. Half of these suffer from severe ED. Urologists were blown away.

Sexual issues for younger men were far worse than they thought. Often low testosterone levels, a high body mass index or another medical condition is to blame for ED, but the strange thing was that most of these guys had normal BMIs, high testosterone levels and were free of other medical conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction.

There must be some other factor that is causing it. Illegal drug usage or cigarette smoking may be at fault, as these younger men are more apt to take part in that sort of risky behavior than their older counterparts. Founder of the Turek Clinic in San Francisco, Dr. Paul Turek, says that,

“These toxic habits can affect hormone balance and blood vessel integrity, similar to how they increase cardiovascular risk.”

Emotional issues like stress or anxiety, neurological conditions like depression, diabetes and other metabolic conditions and certain medications can lead to ED as well. If you are experiencing ED, be aware that it often is a symptom of a more serious medical condition. You should see your healthcare provider right away.

Another issue may be perception. According to Dr. Turek,

“How a man under 40 defines ‘severe’ is likely different than an older man’s definition. Sexual performance demands on the body may be much higher for younger than older men, so they might worry more if they can’t perform. Severe ED could mean a single missed erection for a young man, whereas an older man might consider missing erections at least half the time to be severe.”

So how do you know whether you need to seek out a physician or if what you are experiencing is normal?

Dr. Turek put it like this,

“If you can no longer get a normal, sustained erection, either with a partner, by yourself, or with the usual visual imagery, then go see a doctor. But if there are times when normal erections are achievable – full-on hard ones that last – then you’re likely dealing with situational ED due to stress. Of course, that stress should be managed or eliminated, but the chance of a serious metabolic risk is much, much lower in this situation.”

Kerri Hawkins

Kerri Hawkins is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer. She lives to help people become happier and live better lives through better nutritional and wellness habits.

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