5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Caffeine Addiction

caffeine addiction

Caffeine is a substance that is highly addictive in nature. This substance is present in coffee, tea etc. Caffeine acts as a natural stimulant for the body that stimulates the blood vessels in the brain. Sudden withdrawal of foods containing caffeine causes swelling in these blood vessels which leads to headache, muscle pain, mood swings, fatigue and nausea. If you want to break the habit of consuming caffeine rich foods then you must check out this article.

Five Proven Home Remedies To Withdraw Caffeine Addiction Easily

1. Flavoured Caffeine Free Tea

If you are fond of drinking tea and feel helpless to withdraw this habit then you can try various other healthy options of tea. Some of these teas are peppermint tea, green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea etc. These natural teas are loaded with antioxidants that give you the same stimulation and alleviate your mood that caffeine rich products do. For a refreshing start of the day with full of energy try this remedy. Replacement of caffeine with these healthier alternatives is easier than completely omitting it.

2. Alkaline Juices

Vegetables and fruits are alkaline in nature. Drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juices flushes the toxins in the body and also balances acidic content in the body. These natural and nourishing drinks are one of the most effective home remedy to withdraw caffeine withdrawal.

3. Essential Oils

If you drink caffeine rich foods for energy and stimulation then both of these components can be easily achieved through aromatic essential oils. There are some oils such as peppermint oil, orange oil, lavender oil etc. Take few drops of these oils in your palms and rub them. Now deeply suck the rich smell of these oils. Soon you will find an instant surge of energy in the body. It will rekindle your spirits and also relax your soul.

4. Breathing Techniques

Headache, low blood sugar and blood pressure levels are the symptoms that trouble one a lot when one withdraws intake of caffeine rich foods. To overcome this problem you can try breathing from the right nostril. As per the scientific research it has been found that breathing with right nostril with left nostril closed for five minutes helps in increasing the levels of oxygen, blood glucose and blood pressure in the body. Right nostril breathing works as a natural stimulant and a replacement for caffeine.

5. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to get rid of bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. It increases your will power and makes mentally and physically strong. Also, the various difficult signs such as fatigue, headache and muscle pain will reduce with practice. Some of the beneficial yoga poses are forward fold pose, downward-facing dog pose and headstand pose.

So try these amazing home remedies to withdraw caffeine addiction easily, naturally and effectively.

Kerri Hawkins

Kerri Hawkins is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer. She lives to help people become happier and live better lives through better nutritional and wellness habits.

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