10 Diet Tips For People Suffering With Insulin Resistance

diet for insulin resistance

People in the earlier times led an active life doing physical activities, walking and playing outdoor games. The modern lifestyle with desk jobs that involves continuous sitting for a long time has made us physically inactive. The trend of eating fast foods and junk foods is increasing today. We often forget to take care of our health in the mad rush to earn more money.

The sedentary lifestyle along with poor eating habits is the main cause of insulin resistance. In this problem, the insulin hormone fails to function properly. It fails to metabolize fat in our body. Insulin resistance also affects the carbohydrate metabolism. The affected person becomes obese due to this. Dietary changes can help in controlling this condition. We will give some tips for this.

Effective Diet Tips For People Suffering With Insulin Resistance

Eat Healthy Foods

It is important to take a healthy diet. Eat foods that contain nutrients. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is healthy to eat salad made with raw vegetables. You can also eat vegetables after steaming it. Cabbage and tomato are the most healthy veggies for you.

Eat Low Calorie Foods

People who have insulin resistance should avoid foods with high calories. Such foods are not good as it can make you obese. Take a low calorie diet consisting of foods with less amount of fat. Reduce your calorie intake. Keep a record of calories you take. Take fewer amounts of calories.

Avoid Refined Foods

Refined foods are very bad for people who have insulin resistance. Instead of eating white bread, you should eat brown bread made of whole-wheat flour. Brown bread has low glycemic index value in comparison to white bread so it is a healthy option for controlling insulin.

Eat Protein Rich Foods

Include protein rich foods in diet. Take these foods in breakfast. Start your day with a breakfast of eggs and nut butter. Take protein rich snacks when you get hunger pangs. Almonds are the best snacks for you.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Sugary foods can worsen the problem of insulin resistance. Thus, you should avoid all types of sugary foods like sweets, jams, chocolates, candies and honey. It is harmful to take fruit juice as it contains fructose. So avoid it.

Avoid Salty Foods

It is harmful to eat high salt foods. People who have insulin resistance should avoid salty foods. Reduce the amount of salt you take. Flavor the foods you eat with spices instead of using salt. Make the food tasty by adding different types of spices.

Take Low Fat Dairy Foods

Include dairy foods in your diet. Milk, yogurt and cheese are the best dairy foods for you. Choose dairy foods made with low fat skimmed milk. Avoid whole milk as it contains lot of fat. Eat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese as snacks.

Take Healthy Fats

Instead of eating unhealthy fats and saturated fats, you should include healthy fats in your diet. Use cooking oils that have omega fats in it. The best oils for cooking food are olive and canola oils. Avoid cooking food in butter. Flaxseed oil is a healthy option.

Eat At Regular Intervals

Eat food at regular intervals. Don’t remain without food for a long time. Lack of food causes decrease in blood sugar levels so it is important to eat for maintaining proper blood glucose levels. Keep eating small snacks at every two hours.

Take A Healthy Dinner

Take healthy foods for dinner. Avoid starchy vegetables like potato. Cooked and mashed cauliflower is a healthy dinner food for insulin resistance. Baked cauliflower is very healthy. You can also have pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant and Thai chicken soup for dinner.

Kerri Hawkins

Kerri Hawkins is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer. She lives to help people become happier and live better lives through better nutritional and wellness habits.

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